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James M. Luti Memorial Scholarship

For Stoneham High School Seniors Only


James Luti had kindness at the forefront of his being so in his honor and keeping his light shining we are going to embark on what kindness may mean to you.

Prompt # 1:

Can you describe a moment in your life when someone offered a genuine gesture of kindness.
What was it? And what kind of lasting impact did it have on you? Was there something specific
about that gesture or random act of kindness you wish you could impart onto others?
Describe kindness. What does it look like to you? Was there a moment you displayed kindness to

a stranger and what prompted you to act?


Prompt # 2:

What is something you wish that teachers, parents, family, peers or therapist knew about you in
order to best help you with your mental health and/or provide an example or experience that
impacted you either positively or negatively. We are seeking to learn how to best serve teenagers

navigating their high school experiences.

The winner will receive $1,000 toward their continued education.

This includes:

👉 Two-year colleges and universities
👉 Four-year colleges and universities
👉 Vocational schools
👉 Apprenticeships

👉 Must be a Stoneham high school senior.

👉 No minimum word requirement (750 word maximum).
👉 Must provide proof of enrollment or employment by apprenticeship prior to the
disbursement of funds.

To be considered for the scholarship, responses should be attached in
Portable Document Format (PDF) and emailed to

with the subject line“JL11Fund Scholarship Application”.


In the email, please put your name and the phone number at
which you would like to be contacted. Please DO NOT IDENTIFY
YOURSELF on the attached PDF file to preserve the integrity of the
selection process.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to

Please submit your application for review by midnight on Wednesday, May
1,2024. Winner will be contacted via email by MAY 31.

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