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Our Mission

The JL11Fund™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports groups that demonstrate a commitment to reducing the incidents of suicide in teens and young adults. Our organization channels funding to mental health initiatives such as awareness and education programs.  The JL11Fund™ strives to work to bridge the gap in understanding between those who struggle with mental health and their communities.

More than 80% of high school students struggle with or know a friend who struggles with depression or anxiety.[1]  Many teens and young adults have trouble finding outlets to address their mental health.   Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens and young adults age 15 to 24.[2] Today’s teens and young adults face increasing stress with limited resources for mental health services.  Mental health is manageable, but stigma inhibits individuals from accessing available resources. Reduction in stigma and improvements in resources are key to addressing this epidemic.

Teens and young adults need a support network to navigate the fears, insecurities, and anxieties of life.  As invisible as mental health issues appear to be, and as hard as they are to talk about, warning signs do exist.  The education of legislators, parents, teachers, and school leaders is vital to the unique needs of this highly vulnerable demographic.  

Beyond the adults in the community, the greater opportunity lies in the chance to create awareness and educate teens and young adults themselves.  Few are in better position to catch the early warning signs of an individual’s mental health difficulties than their friends and peers.  A lack of understanding hinders teens and young adults from recognizing a potential concern and seeking help for one another.  


The education of teens and young adults on warning signs and how to seek help will create a more proactive community, and prevent individuals who struggle from slipping through the cracks.  The JL11Fund™ seeks to educate teens and young adults on how to recognize and navigate hardships, both in themselves and others, and how to foster an environment that does not compel them to conceal their struggle.  In doing so, the world can see an end to the lack of understanding that makes teens and young adults in crisis feel so isolated.


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