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How You Can Help

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ACT – Acknowledge, Care, Talk. Raising awareness of this epidemic is the key to helping teens and youths in need. Allowing others to know it is okay to talk about mental health issues helps reduce the stigma that keeps so many silent and feeling alone in their struggles.


For our future events, we not only need funding for the critical programs we are supporting, but we also need volunteers to help us run events as well. If you are interested in being put on our volunteer list, please email


If you’re an organization that helps youths and young adults in a complementary aspect, consider becoming a partner with us. If you are a local business, consider sponsoring an event or holding a fundraiser of your own to benefit the JL11Fund. As we have seen in the wake of James’ death, there is so much the community can accomplish when coming together. For more information, please email


Your tax-deductible donation can help fund critical programs that empower our youth and young adults to reach out in times of need so that they never feel alone.


Create your own fundraiser to benefit the JL11Fund. Whether you run a race, participate in a walk, dedicate all gifts from a birthday party to charity, please consider giving to the JL11Fund to support our life-saving initiatives. Visit crowdrise to set up your account.

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